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Electronic Sensors
Each feeding and drinking module is fitted with an electronic sensor that monitors the weight of the hopper on a second by second basis. The software measures changes in stable weight, which correspond to the animals interactions with the food or liquid source. Each distinct interaction recorded is a bout of feeding or drinking. An integrated environmental monitor automatically records light cycles, temperature, and humidity.

Records Bouts
BioDAQ collects and records the smallest unit of consumption: the bout. A bout is an episode of uninterrupted feeding or drinking, having a start time, duration, and amount consumed. A freely feeding mouse or rat will interact with its food and water hundreds of times each day. Each of these bouts of feeding or drinking, and their relationship to each other, comprise the animals’ intake behavior.

Monitor 32 Modules
A BioDAQ Central Controller will monitor up to 32 modules/sensors at one time. A minimum system is available with 8 modules/sensors, and can be expanded to 32 as needed.

Automated Gate Controller
The BioDAQ Automated Gate Controller allows the investigator to program the gate to open or close at a specified time, and/or when a specified amount of food or liquid is consumed. The automated gate is featured on BioDAQ E3.

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