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      Rack12 mg 1095


      Low Vibration Rack
      The BioDAQ electronics are sensitive to vibration and require a stable surface rack for optimal performance. The system has internal settings to compensate for a degree of instability, but in doing so reduce the resolution of the data output. We strongly recommend the use of the MetroMax solid shelf rack system to eliminate the variability from using an unknown rack source.

      Saves Space
      BioDAQ requires less space than other systems. Complete 16 cage systems fit on low vibration Metro racks measuring 24 in. x 48 in.. All racks are equipped with locking polymer wheels for easy transport.

      Cart Washing
      Manufacturers instructions: The cart wash chamber must be non-pressurized. Water temperatures in the range of 140°F to 180°F are allowed with an exposure period not to exceed 30 minutes.

      Speak with our BioDAQ Staff

      Doug 6600

      Doug Compton

      BioDAQ Director and Scientist
      Juliet 6603

      Juliet Gentile, Ph.D.

      Scientist- BioDAQ/ Diet