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    2. Helping Scientists Control Their Research...Let's Start The Conversation
      Compound mg 0137

      Add Test Compounds

      Simple, Safe Dosing

      Research Diets will incorporate your compounds into any experimental diet and ship within 5 to 7 days. Feeding test compounds eliminates dosing related stress to the animal, eliminates vehicle effects, and saves time and labor.

      Repeat Formula and Dose Response

      A consistent purified ingredient OpenSource diet formulation provides a clean, repeatable control diet for your research. Precise, graded addition of test compounds to your specified control diet allows evaluation of dose-response effects in your animal model. We can blend your compound homogeneously into any diet, down to ppm and even as low as parts-per-billion.

      Pelleted Micro Batches

      Research Diets will incorporate test compounds into pelleted micro batches as small as 500 grams for those compounds that are in limited supply. Our production facility is well equipped to pellet small batches at precise doses.

      STEP 1. Complete a Material Transfer Information Form (MTIF) prior to sending us any test compounds. This is a simple procedure designed to assure that we handle your compounds efficiently, effectively, and safely.

      STEP 2. Send the MSDS for your compound.

      STEP 3. Calculate the diet dose of your compound.

      We can make as little as 0.5 kg of diet with added compounds. Generally, we will require a small increment of additional compound to provide for losses during processing. We will routinely return to you the original container containing excess compound if any, or empty, as the case may be.

      When sending us compounds from outside the U.S. please contact Dima Paone for direction on what paperwork may be required. 

      Product Literature

      Ready to speak with a scientist?

      Sri 0920

      Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Ph.D.

      Project Manager and Scientist
      Mike 0923

      Michael A. Pellizzon, Ph.D.

      Senior Scientist

      Laura Griffin, Ph.D.

      Project Manager and Scientist