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    2. Helping Scientists Control Their Research...Let's Start The Conversation
      Stock gene

      Gene Expression

      Doxycycline Diet 

      Tetracycline-based externally regulated (Tet-based) systems are a powerful tool to study temporal expression of transgenes in vivo. Research Diets can incorporate doxycycline into your existing purified diet or chow, providing combined genotypic and phenotypic control. Doxycycline in pelleted diet offers increased photo-stability for consistent dosing. Available in resealable vacuum packed foil bags for added protection.

      Doxycycline Control

      • Transgenic models
      • Developmental Biology
      • Physiology
      • Gene Therapy
      • Pathology
      • Obesity and Diabetes
      • Oncology

      Pelleted Diets Reduce Labor 

      Doxycycline supplemented purified diets offer significant advantages over water delivery. Combining the pelleted diet with automated watering systems can save time and reduce labor. This product is sold only for use in animal research.

      Please contact our scientists for consultation. We can help you design the right diet for your lab animal studies.

      Ready to speak with a scientist?

      Holly 0947

      Jia-Yu (Holly) Ke, Ph.D.

      Project Manager and Scientist
      Mike 0923

      Michael A. Pellizzon, Ph.D.

      Senior Scientist
      Juliet 6603

      Juliet Gentile, Ph.D.

      Scientist- BioDAQ/ Diet