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    2. Helping Scientists Control Their Research...Let's Start The Conversation

      New D12492 Packaging

      Research Diets, Inc. is happy to announce that our very high fat diet D12492 will now be packed in 2.5 kg heat-sealed, foil-lined bags. This will be our ‘standard’ method of packaging at no additional charge. One 12.5 kg box will contain a total of 5 (2.5 kg) bags, while a 5 kg box will contain 2 (2.5 kg) bags.

      Our heat-sealed, foil-lined bags are more convenient, letting the researcher only open a small amount of diet at a time, while allowing the remainder of the diet to be stored easily in the freezer. This new packaging should also better physically protect the pellets in transit.

      If you would like D12492 diet packed any other way, please contact us. This will be a special order subject to a different price.

      Ready to speak with a scientist?

      Sara 1045

      Sara Sturgess, M.S., R.D.N.

      Project Manager and Scientist
      Mike 0923

      Michael A. Pellizzon, Ph.D.

      Senior Scientist
      Holly 0947

      Jia-Yu (Holly) Ke, Ph.D.

      Project Manager and Scientist