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In-Stock Diets

A number of custom OpenSource diet formulations have been widely published and have become the standards for many diet-induced disease models. These custom diets are kept in-stock in pelleted form and ready for shipment. Our in-stock custom diets provide a clean, open formula background in which to make modifications. See our custom diets page for more information on other custom formulations.

The following is a list of our in-stock purified diets:

A06071302 L-Amino Acid Diet With 60 kcal% Fat With 0.1% Methionine and No Added Choline References
A02082002BR Methionine and Choline Deficient  L-Amino Acid Diet References
D09100310 Rodent Diet With 40 kcal% Fat (Mostly Palm Oil), 20 kcal% Fructose and 2% Cholesterol References
D11112201 OpenStandard Diet With 15 Kcal% Fat References
D17010103 Rodent Diet With 40 kcal% Fat With Palmitic Acid
D10001 AIN-76A Rodent Diet References
D10012G AIN-93G Growing Rodent Diet References
D10012M AIN-93M Mature Rodent Diet References
D12079B RD Western Diet References
D12108C Clinton/Cybulsky High Fat Rodent Diet With Regular Casein and 1.25% Added Cholesterol References
D12266B Purified Rodent Diet to Match Condensed Milk Diet (MHF Diet, 32.5 kcal% Fat) References
D12331 Rodent Diet With 58 kcal% Fat and Sucrose References
D12450B Rodent Diet With 10 kcal% Fat References
D12450H Rodent Diet With 10 kcal% Fat (Matching Sucrose to D12451) References
D12450J Rodent Diet With 10 kcal% Fat (Matching Sucrose to D12492) References
D12450K Rodent Diet With 10 kcal% Fat (No Sucrose) References
D12451 Rodent Diet With 45 kcal% Fat References
D12492 Rodent Diet With 60 kcal% Fat References

All our in-stock diets can be irradiated. To order irradiated diets add the letter "i" to the end of the diet number. For example D12492i.

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